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When does it become time? That is the question we are trying to answer at this time. Health problems abound, energy does not. I have heart failure and it makes me short of breath and easily fatigued. My Cardiologist tells me that there is nothing they can do for me, if they put me on the table, I would not survive.  I have a meeting with a new Cardiologist the second week in November for a second (maybe third) opinion. She will look to see if it is possible any of the many medications I am taking are causing the breathing and fatigue problems. If she does not find a problem, it becomes impossible for us to continue hybridizing and selling daylilies. We have had tremendous help from friends and members of our club, but we cannot continue to call on them for help. It is not fair to them and their families. It has been a good time.

Our daylilies are not “pumped up”. We do not throw the fertilizer to them so that the fans are as big around as your wrist. Our plants usually get less than normal fertilizer and water . . . they survive. Because of this, our introductions normally grow better for other people than they do for us.

We have five new introductions this year for your consideration. All are tetraploids, and most are limited. We always grow a few of our introductions in the greenhouse during the winter for those wanting their plants shipped early. Shipping normally begins in April.

We will gladly hold plants from email and telephone calls for ten days, at which time we expect to receive your written order and check in the mail. You will find an order form with this web site. Sorry for the in-convenience, but we are a small garden and have only so many plants of each introduction.

Our plants are guaranteed to be true to name. If for some reason you receive plants you are not happy with, simply return them immediately for a refund.

It has just become too expensive for us to accept credit cards. We do accept checks and Pay Pal.