2009 AHS Helen Field Fisher
Gold Medal Recipient
There were dual Helen Fisher Gold Medal Service Award
winners at the 2009 AHS Awards Banquet in Florida. The
medal was awarded to Roswitha Waterman of New York
and to Lee Pickles of Chattanooga, TN by AHS President
Kevin P. Walek. When presenting Pickles with the award,
Walek gave this tribute:

"Our second winner tonight joined the AHS in 1986 and
immediately began to find a place of service. He was
Chairman of a 1989 Regional meeting. He was elected
RVP to his region serving from 1990- 1992. He has always
been active in his local club, where he currently serves as
President and Show Judges Chairman, having held
virtually every position and office within the club. He was
Editor of t his region’s Regional newsletter from 1990 –
2002. He has won many article prizes and the Best
Newsletter Award.  And, he has been told that his
region’s newsletter was responsible for upgrading all of the

regional newsletters, being among the first newsletters to use
color and desk top publishing software. He was the chairman
of many regional meetings most notably chair of a Mid
Winter Symposium 1991 – 2004 and started what became
the  largest purely educational meeting within the AHS. As a
consequence in February 2007 at one of these symposia,
after doing some research and some rough adding and
estimating I stated that:

The 1991 Mid-Winter Symposium was the
beginning of what I like to refer to as the off-
season regionals.
I did a quick bit of addition and it is my belief
that Lee is    directly or indirectly responsible
for over $500,000 of funds in regional coffers
across the country.  The ability to have color in
regional newsletters and the quality of our
regional newsletters are a direct result of this
extra money in AHS Regional budgets.

As a consequence, I firmly believe that Lee Pickles is
deserving of the Helen Field Fischer award for this aspect  
of his service to the AHS alone, thus it is with a great deal
of pleasure that I present Lee Pickles with the Helen Field
Fischer Award."

Keven P. Walek, President
Helen Field Fisher
Gold Medal
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Helen Field Fisher Gold Medal

Established in 1950, this is the
Society's highest honor and is the
official recognition for distinguished
and meritorious service rendered
the AHS by a member on the
national level. It is named for the
founder of the American
Hemerocallis Society. In general this
award should honor only one person
annually, but two awards have been
given on occasion. A dual award to
two members of the same family will
count as one. Nominations may be
submitted by any AHS member to
the AHS Awards & Honors Chairman
by mail or email. Nominations are
due by September 1st for the
upcoming year. The AHS Board
votes by secret ballot at the annual
fall board meeting, and the award is
presented at the following AHS
National Convention.
At the Awards Banquet during
the 2009 AHS National
Convention, Lee listens as
President Kevin P. Walek
reads a nomination for the
Helen Field Fisher Gold Medal
Award for meritorious service.
Notice the smirk on Jean's
Lee, when he realized that it
was he who was being present-
ed the Helen Field Fisher Medal.
Jean had  been in on the secret
the whole time. It's not nice to
keep a secret from your spouse!
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