2018 Offerings
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H. ‘Libby Hickman'.......................d/f...$200.00

28" EM Sev Re 6¾" - 3¼" - 2¼" 5 way branching 24+ buds
Named for a friend and dynamic daylily fanatic. This flower is a
rich, well saturated cherry red with a light cherry watermark, white
wire edge on the lightly ruffled petals and sepals, and finished
with a yellow to green throat. The substance holds up well and the
flower opens wide every time. The scapes are strong and display
the flowers well above the foliage. A bright spot in the garden.
Pod and pollen fertile.

Seedling No. 2038 (Juanita Manley X Cimarron Rose).

H. ‘Haber Howell Mountain Cabernet’

28" E Sev 5½” - 2¾" -1¼" 3-way branching 18 buds.
Sitting about half way up Howell Mountain in Napa Valley is
the Haber Family Vineyards, one of our favorite Napa
wineries owned by Ron and Sue-Marie Haber. The flower is
one of the most distinctive purples that we have hybridized.
The dark, rich purple is well saturated and has a lighter slate
blue watermark. The petals are lightly ruffled and carry a wire
edge of the same color as the watermark. The flower is
finished with an olive green throat. Pod and pollen fertile.

Seedling No. 3068 (Desire of Nations X Bluegrass Memories)

H. ‘Kandice Jessup’.......................df...$125.00

28” M Sev Re 5¾” - 3” - 1¾”. 3-way branching 18 buds.
We are pleased to name this daylily for a friend  and co-
owner of J. Gregory Wines in Napa Valley. The flower is a
very deep, saturated purple with a lighter purple watermark.
The petal edges have a wire edge of the watermark color and
are lightly ruffled. I have never seen this flower not open. Pod
and pollen fertile. Used heavily in 2016.

Seedling No. 2091 (Bluegrass Memories X Desire of Nations)

H. ‘Christine Griffis’......................d/f...$150.00

28” M Sev 5½” - 2¾” - 1¼”. 4-way branching 23 buds.
Named for our daughter, the flower is very distinctive with
the light purple color and a triple petal edge of white, slate
blue and dark purple. The halo is of slate blue rimed in darker
purple. The eye is from yellow to green. The form is slightly
recurved with the ruffled petals being quite prominent. The
flowers are carried well above the foliage. Pod and pollen

Seedling No. 3067 (Heartbeat of Heaven X Bluegrass

H. ‘Groovin’ on a Sunday Afternoon’

26” EM Sev Re 5½” - 3” - 1¾”. 4-way branching 19 buds.
This flower is from two of our previous introductions, one
sculpted and one toothy. The color is cream with a rose
blush. The form is what I call a bagel, round and full. The
petals are very ruffled with some teeth. The sculpting just
adds to the overall appearance of the flower. It is finished
with a green heart. Pod and pollen fertile.

Seedling No. 3062 (Groovin’ X Razorwire)
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H. ‘Prickly Bob’................    .........df...$100.00

26” E Sev Re 5½” - 2¾” - 1¾”. 3-way branching 15 buds.
Named for my friend, Bob Pappenhausen. The flower is a
clear lemon yellow with an olive green throat. The petals are
heavily crimped and toothy. The teeth are less prominent on
the sepals but are still visible. The substance is quite heavy
and holds well in rain and sun. Flowers are carried well
above the foliage. Both pod and pollen fertile.

Seedling 9080 (Fringe Benefit X Horny Devil)
Chattanooga Daylilies
1736 Eagle Drive
Hixson, TN 37343